8 ARROWS was founded by two high fashion designers / health aficionados, Maya Popkin and Lily Blue Goschen. Their story is one of devotional friendship, transformation, resilience and expansion.

In 2014, in Los Angeles, Maya and Lily were introduced by a talented and dynamic entrepreneur, a mutual friend. He understood that, with their extraordinary artistic talents and flair, Lily and Maya could empower one another to produce phenomenally beautiful, exciting and inventive creations for the fashion world.  

Forming 8 ARROWS occurred explicitly from Maya and Lily’s absolute determination to examine the research available supporting the thesis that:  what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.

Over time, Maya and Lily laboriously developed fabrics free from highly toxic chemicals / dyes commonly found in activewear fashion fabrics. Tirelessly inventing new designs of beauty, comfort and sustainability, Lily and Maya vetted dozens of material suppliers and pattern makers and finally, after years of pursuit, assembled their team. 

Maya Popkin earned her MBA in "Luxury Brand Management" at ESSEC in Paris, France. She was the creative director and founder of Maya Baroque, a luxury handbag collection. She lives in Los Angeles with her beloved partner and son. 

Lily Blue worked at Vivienne Westwood fashion house in London before moving to Los Angeles. Under her label Lily Blue Couture she creates innovative couture dresses.  Lily and her beloved fiancé live in Malibu with their treasured son.

As high fashion designers, 8 ARROWS is the pinnacle of Lily and Maya’s collective years devoted to: natural elegance in clothing dedicated to the female form; conscious consumption; and healthy lifestyles.