The Perfect Jogger

The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
The Perfect Jogger
Product image 1The Perfect Jogger
Product image 2The Perfect Jogger
Product image 3The Perfect Jogger
Product image 4The Perfect Jogger
Product image 5The Perfect Jogger
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We set out to create leggings that hold your body in the way you like to be held- lovingly, securely, non suffocating and without indentations. Our leggings boast a clean, smooth finish on your skin, none of those uncomfortable indentations associated with seams and details. Our fabric is not that plastic-y fabric commonly associated with activewear but rather a luxurious, soft (yet strongly woven) material that you won't want to take off. 

We are fanatical about fit and comfort. Fanatical. Elegant body shaping details highlight and accentuate your beautiful body. 


1. No toxic chemicals / dyes that are commonly used in this category. These chemicals can penetrate into the skin and compromise ones health. There is no governing entity in the fashion industry and thus there are no requirements to relay the existence of harmful toxic chemicals / dyes. 





We developed a lusciously soft, durable fabric that is free of harmful chemicals.

2. Breathability without the usage of chemicals but rather as a result of the innate natural qualities of our fabric. 

3. Longevity and integrity of shape without the suffocating sensation commonly found in activewear fabrics. 


We cut small, so, either choose your go to size or choose one size bigger. 



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Customer Reviews

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"WOW. This brand is exquisite. It is by far the best activewear I have ever seen, felt, worn. Im OBSESSED with the lines, they are so flattering. How did you do it? I felt so beautiful wearing it,so feminine, so comfortable, IT IS EVERYTHING"



I must admit that when I put this super special jumpsuit on my body I was curiously surprised. How did this feel so drastically different? So united and comforting to my body? It brought out the best in my yoga practice, gym workout and I even went out to dinner on it afterward. It almost felt like a simple bio hack- just wear clean, high quality, breathable activewear that supports your movement. I TRULY feel the integrity and devotion these women built 8 ARROWS upon. It’s visceral. This collection os amazing. Well done! Thank you. We needed this!



"8 ARROWS has ruined all other sports bras for me. It's so flattering and the fabric is so soft, it feels like being naked PLUS you can feel good about wearing it because it's organic and non carcinogenic. 8 ARROWS is my new favorite brand."

Goloka Bolte


"8 ARROWS is my favorite kind of brand to rock because it's sustainable, toxic free, so comfortable and makes me feel CONFIDENT. The quality is superior and I get compliments everywhere I wear it! It feels so good to support a company that has such good morals."

Sami Udell


I am OBSESSED with my 8 ARROWS body suit. The fabric is super comfy and makes it easy for me to rock it in a pilates class and head straight to dinner with my girlfriends. I feel like I can wear it anywhere and I ALWAYS GET COMPLIMENTS.



"8 ARROWS is unique in its soft feminine deliciousness! It feels like slipping into a layer of second skin, almost so luxurious I wondered, how could I sweat and workout in this!?! That's the best part, the clothing is durable and extremely comfortable to move and get down right sweaty in! A true WIN WIN. Added bonus, no camel toe!!!"

Sherie Farah


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